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Company Law Manual

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Year: October 2020

This book is a complete compendium of Companies Act, 2013 (‘Act’) and Rules prescribed thereunder. It also covers Circulars and Notifications issued under the Act.

The Present Publication is the 14th Edition, which incorporates all the changes made by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020 and all changes made up to 8th October 2020. This book is divided into the following 3 divisions:

  • Companies Act, 2013 with Rules
  • Other Rules
  • Circulars, Notifications issued under the Companies Act, 2013

This book incorporates the following:

  • A guide to the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020
  • Annotated text of Companies Act 2013 [As Amended by Companies (Amendment) Act 2020] and Rules framed thereunder
  • Text of relevant Rules is given along with text of relevant Section of Companies Act 2013
  • Annotation under each section shows:

o   Related Rules and Forms

o   Exemptions available to private companies /Government companies/Nidhis/Charitable Companies/Unlisted Public Company/Private Company operating from IFSCs located in SEZ

o   Gist of relevant Circulars and Notifications

o   Date of enforcement of provision

o   Corresponding provision under the 1956 Act

o   Words & Phrases judicially noticed

o   Allied Laws referred to in the provision, and

o   Relevant provisions of SEBI Rules/SS-1 to SS-4/Listing Obligations/Table F of Schedule.

  • Text of Circulars & Notifications issued under Companies Act 2013 as well as SS-1to SS
  • Provisions of other Acts referred to in Companies Act, 2013
  • Words & Phrases Judicially defined
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