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Law & Practice Relating to Corporate Bonds & Debentures

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Year: 2021
Author: Vinita Nair Dedhia & Abhirup Ghosh

This book provides comprehensive commentary on law relating to Corporate Bonds and Debentures. This book will find practical value and utility for the following communities and professionals:

  • Corporate Practitioners
  • Researchers/Academicians
  • Students

The Present Publication is the Latest Edition, authored by Vinita Nair Dedhia (Senior Partner) & Abhirup Ghosh (Partner), with the following noteworthy features:

  • It covers both issuers’ & investors perspective
  • Includes substantial technical details such as the law pertaining to floating charges, debenture trustees, etc.
  • Apart from the tradition corporate bonds, this book also covers application-specific bonds such as infrastructure bonds, masala bonds, green bonds, etc.
  • Law stated in this book is amended up to 1st January, 2021
  • The contents of the book are as follows:

Introduction to Debentures & State of Corporate Bond Market in India

    • Meaning of Debentures
    • Types of Debentures
    • State of Indian Corporate Bond Market

Issuance of Debentures in India

    • Debenture Issuance: Motivations and Terms of Use
    • Modes of Issuance of Debentures and Regulatory Framework
    • Issuance of Debentures in Accordance with Companies Act, 2013: Conditions Common for all Issuances
    • Private Placement of Short Term NCDs
    • Private Placement of Long Term NCDs
    • Private Placement of NCD by NBFCs & HFCs
    • Public Issue of Debentures in India
    • Issue of Debentures Outside India

Listing of Debentures in India & Associated Compliances

    • Listing of Privately Placed Debentures
    • Listing of Publicly Issued NCDs
    • Post Listing Compliances under SEBI Regulations
    • Post Listing Compliances under SEBI Circulars
    • International Securities Identification Number: Procedures, Limits, etc.
    • Issuance of NCDs Through Electronic Book Mechanism

Intermediaries Associated with Issuance of Debentures

    • Debenture Trustee

Stamp Duty on Debentures

    • Stamp Duty on Issue & Transfer of Debentures

Investing in Debentures

    • Investing in Debentures
    • Rights of Debenture Holders
    • Restructuring of Debentures

Special Debt Securities

    • Capital Adequacy Bonds
    • Green Bonds
    • Market Linked Debentures
    • Infrastructure Bonds

Accounting & Taxation Aspects of Debentures

    • Accounting of Debentures
    • Taxation Aspects of Debentures
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